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How to Set Ringtone in iPhone – Best Ringtones Net – bestringtones.net

In the realm of smartphone customization, Apple has been steadily advancing, though still trailing behind Android in certain aspects. However, the iPhone offers ample opportunities for personalization, including the ability to set custom ringtones. In this guide, we delve into the steps to change your ringtone on an iPhone, encompassing everything from choosing preset tones to adding custom songs and sounds.

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Behind this informative guide is Sung A Chin, the visionary creator of Best Ringtones Net, dedicated to enhancing user experiences on iOS devices.

how set ringtone in iphone – Best Ringtones Net

Quick Answer

Before diving into the details, here’s a quick overview: To select from preset ringtones, navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone. For personalized tones for specific contacts, access Contacts > [contact name] > Edit > Ringtone. Adding custom ringtones entails additional steps involving iTunes or the macOS Music app.

Key Sections

  1. How to Change Your Ringtone on an iPhone
  2. How to Add a Custom Sound and Set It as Your iPhone’s Ringtone

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How to Change Your Ringtone on an iPhone

Sounds and Haptics in iOS 15 Settings

In iOS 15, altering your ringtone is a straightforward process. Apple provides a decent collection of stock ringtones, offering various tones suitable for different preferences and environments. Follow these steps to change your general ringtone:

how set ringtone in iphone – bestringtones.net
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics, then select Ringtone.
  3. Browse through the available options and tap on your preferred ringtone to preview it. You might want to use earbuds or headphones for a better listening experience.

Choosing an iOS 15 Contacts Ringtone

Customizing ringtones for individual contacts adds a personal touch to your iPhone experience. Here’s how to set specific ringtones for different contacts:

  1. Open the Contacts app and select the contact you wish to customize.
  2. Tap on Edit, then navigate to Ringtone.
  3. Choose a distinct ringtone for the selected contact, distinguishing it from your general tone.

How to Add a Custom Sound and Set It as Your iPhone’s Ringtone

Using the iTunes Store

Apple facilitates the acquisition of custom sounds and music through its iTunes Store. Here’s how to purchase and set a custom ringtone:

  1. Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the More (…) icon and select Tones.
  3. Browse the available selection, choose a song or effect, and tap its price to make the purchase.
  4. Upon completion of the download, you’ll be prompted to set it as the default ringtone, text tone, or assign it to a contact.

Using iTunes for Windows or the macOS Music App

For those preferring to use existing audio files as ringtones, here’s how to import custom sounds:

On Windows:

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC.
  2. Click on your iPhone icon, then select Tones from the sidebar.
  3. Drag and drop your prepared M4R file into the Tones panel.
  4. Click Sync to ensure the file is transferred to your iPhone.

On macOS:

  1. Connect your iPhone and open the Music app.
  2. Select your iPhone from the sidebar menu.
  3. Drag your M4R file into Music to initiate the transfer process.


With these comprehensive steps, you can seamlessly customize your iPhone’s ringtone, reflecting your unique style and preferences. Whether opting for preset tones or creating personalized melodies, the iPhone offers a versatile platform for auditory personalization.

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