How Do I Set a Custom Ringtone? Your Comprehensive Guide

Setting a custom ringtone allows you to personalize your phone and make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to use a popular melody, your favorite song, or a unique sound, customizing your ringtone adds a touch of individuality to your device. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different methods and settings for setting a custom ringtone on various devices, including Samsung smartphones, iPhones, and more.

How do I download ringtones to my Samsung?

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, downloading ringtones is a straightforward process. One of the easiest ways to download ringtones is by visiting reliable websites like Best Ringtones Net. This platform offers a wide range of ringtones for different preferences. Simply browse the website, select your desired ringtone, such as captivating Hindi Ringtones or dynamic BGM Ringtones, and follow the provided instructions to download it to your Samsung device.

What is the famous iPhone ringtone?

When it comes to famous iPhone ringtones, one that stands out is the “Marimba” ringtone. This default ringtone has become iconic and instantly recognizable among iPhone users worldwide. The catchy and cheerful tune has been a staple of the iPhone experience for years, symbolizing the popularity and familiarity of Apple’s devices.

What are the most popular ringtones of all time?

Throughout the years, numerous ringtones have gained popularity and become timeless classics. Some of the most popular ringtones of all time include:

  • “Nokia Tune”: The nostalgic Nokia ringtone was widely known and loved during the era of Nokia phones.
  • “Crazy Frog”: This infectious and upbeat tune became a viral sensation and a popular ringtone choice.
  • “Axel F”: The catchy melody from the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” became a widely recognized and beloved ringtone.

What are the most popular iPhone ringtones?

Apart from the famous “Marimba” ringtone, iPhones offer a variety of other popular options. Some of the most sought-after iPhone ringtones include “Opening,” “Reflection,” “Silk,” and “Strum.”

What is the oldest ringtone?

The “T-Mobile jingle” holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most recognizable ringtones. It originated in 1999 and has remained an enduring presence in the realm of mobile phone sounds.


Setting a custom ringtone is a simple way to add a personal touch to your smartphone and make it truly yours. Whether you own a Samsung device or an iPhone, downloading ringtones from reliable sources like Best Ringtones Net provides a vast selection of options, including captivating Hindi Ringtones or dynamic BGM Ringtones. Explore the possibilities, express your style, and enjoy a unique auditory experience whenever your phone rings.

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