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The Artistic Odyssey of Santokh Singh: A Symphony of Courage and Creativity

In the timeless words of the revered artist Henri Matisse, “creativity takes courage.” For Santokh Singh Dhaliwal, this sentiment resonates deeply, echoing the journey of a multi-faceted artist who fearlessly navigated the realms of music, donning the hats of singer, composer, and music director with unparalleled determination and passion.

The Prelude to Greatness: Santokh Singh

Santokh’s journey was not merely a leap into the unknown; it was a quest for self-discovery and artistic mastery. Before stepping onto the battlefield of creativity, he embarked on a soul-stirring voyage of self-assessment and introspection.

Armed with courage and conviction, Santokh honed his skills, meticulously crafting his talents in the crucible of dedication and perseverance.

Santokh Singh: Harmony in Fusion

Drawing inspiration from both Indian and Western classical music traditions, Santokh embarked on a quest to create a harmonious fusion of sounds that transcended cultural boundaries. His compositions became a testament to this fusion, seamlessly blending the intricate melodies of the East with the vibrant rhythms of the West. It was in this fusion that Santokh found his voice, his compositions resonating with a universal allure that transcended language and culture.

Amongst his many creations, “Channa Ve Ghar Aaja Ve” emerged as a beacon of his artistic prowess, garnering accolades and adoration from audiences and critics alike. This triumph served as a springboard for Santokh, propelling him into the spotlight and opening the doors to a myriad of projects that he proudly embraced.

With each project, Santokh’s creative vision flourished, his compositions weaving a rich tapestry of emotions and melodies that left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners. His journey, though paved with challenges, was illuminated by the sheer brilliance of his talent and the unwavering courage that propelled him forward.

In the symphony of Santokh Singh’s life, courage and creativity intertwine, guiding him along a path illuminated by the timeless allure of artistic expression. As he continues to sculpt melodies that resonate with the human spirit, Santokh stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the indomitable courage that fuels its flames.

1Maa (From Gollu Aur Pappu) Ringtone DownloadKunal Ganjawala, Santokh SinghMother’s Day Special04:40
2Lovely Jind Wali Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh, Prashant Vadhyar, Pawni PandeyFugly03:23
3Maa Ringtone DownloadKunal Ganjawala, Santokh SinghMaa – A Mothers Love Is Unconditional04:40
4Appy Budday (Videshi) Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghK L P D (Kismet Love Paisa Dilli)03:36
5Mai Te Mere Yaar Ringtone DownloadSantokh, PhoenixMai Te Mere Yaar03:10
6Tere Bina Nahin Jina Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:18
7Dilli Ki Jaatni (From “Dilli Ki Jaatni”) Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghSapna Choudhary Latest Tracks03:01
8Maujan Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghMaujan03:05
9Rasleela Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh, Neha KakkarMonsoon02:58
10Appy Budday (Desi) Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghK L P D (Kismet Love Paisa Dilli)02:53
11Haal Da Marham Ringtone DownloadKamaal Khan, Santokh SinghLucky Kabootar05:06
12Tumba Mika Singh And Bhavya Pandit Ringtone DownloadMika Singh, Bhavya PanditLucky Kabootar03:04
13Bahan Goriyan Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh, Neha KakkarGun & Goal04:03
14Tere Pyar Diyan Parchhaiyan Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:13
15Nede Nede Ringtone DownloadSukhwinder SinghA Strange Love Story04:31
16DJ Te Gulabo Nachdi Ringtone DownloadSunidhi Chauhan, Big Sinn, Santokh SinghLucky Kabootar03:35
17Panjabi Kuriyan Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:09
18Maujan (From “Maujan”) Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghSapna Choudhary Latest Tracks03:05
19Tere Bina Nahin Jina Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:16
20Tere Bina Nahin Jina Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:18
21Beach Music Ringtone DownloadA Strange Love Story02:05
22Bolliyan- Wedding Song Ringtone DownloadJaspinder Narula, Master SaleemMar Jawan Gur Khake05:05
23Ik Waari Chana Mere Waal Aa Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:17
24DJ Walia Ve- Mika Ringtone DownloadMika SinghMar Jawan Gur Khake03:47
25Kadi Mere Naal Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:13
26Dard Bolde Ne Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMar Jawan Gur Khake04:53
27Mujhe Shyam Ke Dware Jana Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghKhatushyam Upkaar Karenge06:00
28Love Theme Ringtone DownloadA Strange Love Story01:05
29Dilli Ki Jaatni Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghDilli Ki Jaatni03:01
30Chhoti Chhoti Yaaden Ringtone DownloadBibaBiba03:54
31Mein Nahi Rahna Tere Naal Ringtone DownloadSunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, UvieLucky Kabootar03:34
32Haal Da Marham (Rock) Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghLucky Kabootar04:04
33DJ Te Gulabo Nachdi Ringtone DownloadSunidhi Chauhan, Santokh Singh, Big SinnDuets All The Way03:35
34Teri Chunari Maa Kisne Banaai Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghTeri Chunri Maa Kisne Banaai05:00
35Tere Bina Ringtone DownloadDj Dave, Kavita KrishnamurthyMar Gaye Oye06:00
36Hare Jhande Ringtone DownloadShahid Ali Khan, RipulA Strange Love Story04:03
37DJ Walia Ve- Santokh Singh Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghMar Jawan Gur Khake03:43
38Monalisa Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh, Dushyant Pratap SinghThe Hundred Bucks03:23
39Kripa Babe Di Ringtone DownloadLabh JanujaLucky Kabootar03:54
40Nede Nede Remix Ringtone DownloadA Strange Love Story02:58
41Cheenle Tera Haq Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghAdrishya03:00
42Palkan De Vich Ringtone DownloadJaved AliMar Jawan Gur Khake07:26
43Rasleela Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh, Neha KakkarMonsoon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)02:58
44Billy Trance Ringtone DownloadA Strange Love Story02:51
45More Piya Ringtone DownloadRipul, MomitaA Strange Love Story04:21
46Matha Tekte Chalo Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghMaa Ke Dar Jayenge04:00
47Kade Chan Ban ke Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghMar Jawan Gur Khake04:19
48Sadhke Sadhke Jandi – E Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghChobran Nu Dangdi04:45
49Maa (From “Gollu Aur Pappu”) Ringtone DownloadKunal Ganjawala, Santokh SinghMeri Maa – Mother’s Day Special Songs04:40
50Yaadan Teriyan Ringtone DownloadDj Dave, Kavita KrishnamurthyMar Gaye Oye06:00
51Maa Ke Dar Jayenge Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghMaa Ke Dar Jayenge04:00
52Ardas Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghNarinder Biba And Others – Singhan Diyan04:31
53Jis Da Sahib Dadha Hove Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghKhalsa Da Roop Pyara10:17
545 Saal Ringtone DownloadSantokh Singh5 Saal03:04
55Jis Da Sahib Dadha Hove Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghJis Da Sahib Dadha Hove10:15
56Suit Paya Kala Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghChobran Nu Dangdi04:35
57Saun Da Mahina Ringtone DownloadJaved AliSaun Da Mahina04:02
58Amrit Vela Sach Nao Ringtone DownloadBhai Santokh Singh Komel Chandigarh WaleDhan Dhan Ramdas Gur06:31
59Apne Satguru Ke Balhare Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghHam Aise Tu Aisa09:55
60Saghal Kta Ke Ringtone DownloadSantokh SinghJis Da Sahib Dadha Hove07:45
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